About Us

Small businesses should be able to compete in the market with larger companies

Blue Collar Coding is all about small businesses competing with larger companies. We build WordPress websites for small businesses with modern designs to optimize the users’ experience. In an age where users surf the web on a variety of devices, your website should be viewable on all devices to keep the user engaged. Our mission is to make users love your website and to convert your users into leads and customers.

Tim Lisiecki


Web Developer since 2016. Developing WordPress sites since 2018. 

USCG licensed captain since 2010, working in the small passenger vessel industry. Found a passion for coding and after years of working for small businesses, decided to start Blue Collar Coding as a freelancing WordPress development company to create optimized websites for small businesses.


Interested in What We Do?

Blue Collar Coding was created for freelance web developers and designers who had switched careers from blue collar jobs to tech jobs, or freelance as a side gig. Websites are a necessity for companies of all sizes nowadays. Blue Collar Coding strives to give small businesses a fair shot at competing with larger companies by setting their websites up for success from the design to the overall user experience.

If you are a freelance web developer or designer, and are passionate about small businesses, contact us to see if you would be a good fit for collaborating on projects with us.